Sunday, October 4, 2015


I have a mental list of things I should blog about.  I don't always remember all of them when I write.  Sometimes I skip things on purpose.  (Because who wants to read a novel of a  blog post?)  I try to remember them for later when I skip them.  I should probably start writing lists.  I'm getting old...

But today I have something that's not been on the list yet.  A problem I encountered just today.  Because I need more problems.  (Don't we all?)  So it trumps most of the current list.

I have a friend who is pregnant.  (This keeps happening...)  I want to make her a super cool quilt because she's super cool.  I found one I loved.  I bought fabric.  I washed it.  I ironed it.  And I waited until I finished all the Farm Girl blocks (that's on my mental list...).  And I did chores and family stuff and whatnot and FINALLY this afternoon I got to sew.

Oh, the pattern:

It's called "Cowboy's Star" and it's from the book Treasures from the 30's.  I bought this book about a year ago for another pattern, but this one screams baby boy.  And the friend is a horse-girl and the facebook birth announcement included cowboy boots, so can I go wrong?

You can see my fabric selection there in the corner.

The pattern requires templates.  Curved piecing.  Stuff that's new to me or not well-liked.  But she's that cool, so I'm gonna do it.

I followed the instructions.  I really did.  Then I got this...

I sewed a nice 1/4" seam.  I pinned (look at the one seam - how perfect those seams match).  I tried re-sewing, but with bias edges, I hesitate to rip out again.  

And I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW to fix this.

A wider seam allowance seemed to be the way to go at first, but nope.  

(Never mind that right now I can't seem to make iTunes play the songs I want to hear on the computer as I type either - apparently today is not my day for things going the way I want them to go?)

Anyone have any suggestions?

I can live with this if they ALL turn out this way, but since I made just the one (and didn't even finish it with the curved pieces to square up the block yet), I have no idea how consistent my error might be.  If it is in fact an error.

In other news, I celebrated a birthday last week and got quite a few awesome gifts...

From one aunt, who is also a quilter:

...oh the wheels are churning out ideas for all sorts of stuff...

From my sister-in-law (another quilter):

...and I WAS running low on white thread...

From my mom (yet another quilter):

...a book I nearly went and bought the morning on my surprise birthday party (that I had a very good idea was coming because my hubby is no good at keeping secrets and had I asked him, I would have known for sure...but he was acting funny and I thought I'd let him have his moment)...there's a pattern inside I really love - don't let the cover fool you!

And the last I'll share is from my uncle (not a quilter):

...I believe this box was more appreciated by my furry children than by me, but it was truly fun to get so many fun gifts in the mail over the past week.

Time to go find an apple muffin recipe.  We went to the local apple orchard yesterday with family and though it was too cold to pick any apples, we bought about a bushel of "utility" apples (great for baking - and already picked!) and now I'm excited to have apples to make fresh baked goodies.

Happy quilting,


canuckquilter said...

That is a perfect quilt for the person you describe. I can't help much with matching those point though. Besides pinning, which you already did, I have nothing, besides "will anyone else be checking out the points?". How do you feel about applique? Maybe a small circle appliqued over the centers if they all turn out differently and it bothers you? Good luck! And a belated happy birthday!

---"Love" said...

Sounds like you had a week much like my last week; uh, make that last three weeks! But then that's another whole long story. At least you got some really neat things for your birthday! This would certainly be the wrong week to ask me for advice on correcting ANYthing! ....But I'm thinking about it, okay? I'm sure you'll either figure it out, or get some good advice from someone. ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Happy Birthday! That's a great haul of birthday goodies and furry friend treats (should distract a wee bit so that you can sew?) Your seam alignment issue looks familiar. I had a similar problem with the Crackle quilt. Some blocks matched up, some didn't. I was lucky because it isn't that obvious - the different print fabrics kinda hide it. Are you starching the fabrics before cutting? That seems to stabilise the bias edges a wee bit. Have you tried using the walking foot when piecing? I found that improved things. its a fantastic pattern and I like the colours you have chosen.

Ruth said...

I think Ann's suggestions are good. I don't starch the fabrics, but I did have a problem with a quilt that had a lot of bias edges. All I can say is "good luck!" Yesterday I went to a quilt show in Hillsboro, OR and guess who was one of the speakers? Yes! Elizabeth Hartman! I really enjoyed hearing her and my friend was over the moon with excitement! As you know, I am more of a traditionalist, but I can appreciate some of the modern quilts as well. There were a couple of her designs hanging in the show too. I wonder which quilt you want to make from her book?

Lynette said...

That is weird, isn't it? Like it's twisted in a spinny way. Do you think something was wrong with the template? Fun birthday packages. (And Happy Birthday!)

Marsha B said...

I love the pattern and your fabrics are perfect for this quilt. I am no help either on the points. Hope you can figure it out or come up with an alternate idea for the points. A small blue circle appliqued in there just might work!

Here is a very belated wish for a Happy Birthday, you can't miss getting fabric, thread and some kitty toys!

Sorry this is do late, I can understand busy and things happening.