Thursday, June 14, 2012

emergency quilting

Tuesday the hubby went back to work after two weeks of vacation.  (Whew!)

He e-mailed that morning to ask me to make a quilt.

A gal who previously worked for him, who quit to pursue cancer treatment, had been given a terminal diagnosis.  Her hubby still works there (different department) and was beside himself when he shared the news.

A handprint quilt was requested.  The hubby tried to work out logistics for me, I told him to go get those hand tracings and I'll worry about the rest.

And I did.  I sketched out a little idea on my lunch, figured yardages and headed to Hobby Lobby on the way home that night.

I asked for color suggestions and he said "light".  Men...

The fabric on the bottom was on the clearance rack and there's enough for a border and the back.  Into the cart it went and then on to figure out what else.

There's JUST enough of the brown dot for background.  Whew!

And the blue...well, I actually left some on that bolt, but love it so much maybe I shouldn't have!

Wash and dry Tuesday night.

Press, cut and sew Wednesday night.

Raw-edge applique with a scant seam.  I will probably quilt some inside the hands to make sure everything stays put because there's no fusible in there.  Just a bit of basting glue to hold them down while stitching.

And how perfect is that...20 hands exactly.
Her whole department plus the plant manager and a few other higher-ups.
Sometimes life just works out.

They went to work with the hubby last night with a pen/marker to have everyone sign theirs.  Names are safety pinned on so everyone gets the right hand.

(What a variety of sizes!)

I can't believe I got these all done last night.  The first one took forever...I've never done this exact technique before...but I got faster as time went on and I was only 20 minutes late for my bedtime.

(And no, I didn't dream about making more all night long.  I crashed and was o-u-t!)

I'll share the finished quilt soon!

Happy quilting,

PS I have made a handprint quilt before, which is where the hubby's inspiration came from.  One of these days I'll get a good photograph of it and share.  But it's been given away, so I'll have to chase it down first...oops...


Life with Rob and Jess said...

Very cool!

Ruth said...

That is so sad! I'm sure the thoughtful quilt will give some comfort during this time. Maybe a miracle will happen and she will beat it. Good for you to dig right in there and get it done!

---"Love" said...

What a great idea! What a comfort that will be to the lady! I couldn't have done all that in a week, much less one night! Good job, and certainly the right motive! ---"Love"

Beth said...

How wonderful is it that your hubby thought of a comfort quilt right away? And equally wonderful is your getting it all together in such a short time. The colors are so pretty and I know this quilt will be loved and greatly appreciated. Great job Katie

canuckquilter said...

Wow, that's cranking out a quilt in record time! It will be much appreciated at this difficult time.

Marsha B said...

I'm sorry to hear the purpose of the quilt, but it is going to be really special. I love the fabrics you found to make it!

a good yarn said...

What a beautiful quilt in resposne to such tragic news.

Liriopia said...

Katie, you are just the most amazing person! The quilt is beautiful!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Tragic news but a beautiful quilt - she is sure to love it - all of the handprints and signatures make it truly special - good job. - ;))

lisa said...

how wonderful that he thought of that, and that you made the time to make it. it looks wonderful!! I am sorry for the co-workers (and their family) I will keep them in my prayers. (I dont think I could have left the blue on the bolt!)