Sunday, April 8, 2012

odds and ends

It's been a busy week around here and I don't have a lot of's the short recap:

The UFO for this month is #10.

Definitely an easier project than March, but nothing had been cut, sewn or decided.

I think I'll be using this pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.

I promised a bit more info on the black and red fabrics in my last post, and I did finish the project, but it will be a gift and I'm not sure if the recipient reads my blog, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for the final reveal.  Sorry!

But here's another little tease:

(I'm sure that's going to get some interesting guesses!)

Mostly this week I've been working on sewing owl parts down.  I was quite close and then got wrapped up in other projects.  I'm happy to say that all the owls (minus eyeballs) are now together and the top is DONE!

I still have to sew the buttons on for the eyeballs, but it's ready for quilting!
(Now how am I going to quilt this?)

It's funny to see how much the expression seems to change depending on where those little button eyeballs wind up.  I'm going to have to be careful when sewing them down!

I said I'd report on the Spicy Honey-Roasted Chicken: it was delicious!  Not spicy, but very flavorful and moist.  I ended up covering mine about halfway through cooking because it was getting quite dark, but it wasn't dry at all.

The kids who have gotten their Easter eggs have all loved them and the moms were impressed.  Two kids don't have theirs yet, but soon.

And now it's your turn.  Did you turn off the TV (or computer) and see what you could get done?    If you did, how did you do?  I actually watched more TV this week than usual, but I was sewing down owl parts while it was on, so I did get a lot done.

Off to give the kitties some love.  My Tucker has me so happy.  He's got IBD (at least that's what the vet and I both think, based on symptoms) and had lost enough weight to make us all nervous.  We finally hit upon a treatment that (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, etc, etc, etc) seems to be working - if I could only catch him in the litterbox...

Happy Easter and happy quilting,


Liriopia said...

Not sure what I am looking at in that second picture. Are those cardboard rolls from bathroom tissue? That's my best guess. Your owls are looking really cute and you definitely need at least one cross-eyed! TV? Spent the whole weekend in front of it, laying on the sofa with a really bad cold. Got nothing done, at all!


Barb said...

Your owls are soooooooooooooo adorable!

---"Love" said...

Your Owl quilt is so cute! The Twister pattern looks complicated to me, but I'm sure you'll have it whipped out before the week is out! I can't even imagine what that stack of rolls will be; can you give us another hint? ---"Love"

Beth said...

You have been busy as usual. I love the Owls. The border is perfect.
I like the charms (Giddy) for this month's UFO. That pattern you picked will be really cute.
Happy that Tucker seems to be doing well.
Happy stitching.
ps I haven't turned off the TV yet, mostly cause my house is still totally disrupted so it is hard to get anything else done.

Unknown said...

That owl quilt is awesome;) Hope the kitty gets better soon.
Happy Quilting!!

a good yarn said...

Cardboard rolls...hmmmm....more mod podge perhaps? I like the Penny Twister pattern and it's going to look good in those fabrics. Your owls are adorable. Will you quilt it before sewing the eyes on? ann :-)