Tuesday, January 17, 2012

january UFO - almost there!

Another Tuesday off, another Tuesday sewing!

I had to move furniture to make my design floor big enough to lay this whole quilt out, but since the blocks are turned every direction to make a pattern, it wasn't one I could just look at a photo and get it right.

My ceilings aren't quite high enough to get the whole thing...

I sewed and sewed and then took a break for lunch and then sewed and sewed some more.

I had "help" too:

They're both laying on the furnace register.  A favorite location in the winter.  Sound asleep, but clearly happy.  (See Emma smiling?)

Just a short while ago, I got this far and decided I could take a break.

Doesn't look much different (except one of the slumbering fuzzies is now holding things down), but all the blocks are sewn into a top!

It went together better than I expected, but having everything already arranged helped a lot.  I tried not to have the same fabrics touching each other and, except for a few places, I managed, not that you'd notice now!

But before you go congratulating me on finishing the UFO for this month, it still needs borders.  Just a single, fussy cut border, but a border no less.  My plan is to get that on this weekend because on Monday, Judy L is going to post the first set of instructions for a Quilts of Valor Quilt Along.  (Yes, I know I need another project like a hole in the head, but I couldn't resist.)

I raided my mom's stash of 30's prints this past weekend and dug through my whites for this to work with:

I'm not sure which white I'll use or how exactly I'll make the pattern work with these, but I will.  I've been itching to make a 30's quilt lately and this seems just the thing.

And while I was digging, my sister-in-law was also digging for a project of hers.  Not to be outdone, my mom decided to join in the fun, so we're having a 30's quilt challenge of our own.  No real rules (though my brother did state that Rule #1 is that Mom can't win...), just a friendly challenge to motivate each of us.  And help reduce mom's stash.

So, if I have the January UFO challenge completed, I can start another project, right?

I've had a wonderful quilty day off, but the kitties are asking for attention and I need to put the furniture back where it goes.

Happy quilting,


Marsha B said...

I love your January UFO project, the colors are just amazing! It is looking good, you have done well working on it.

The fabrics for your 3o's quilt are so pretty. A little friendly competition will be a fun way to stay motivated! Looks like the kitties have been a big help and deserve some attention!

Caro said...

Wow! This is the absolutely most darling quilt I have ever seen! This is so amazing! I just love to look at it! Wow! This doen't need borders :D It is pretty as it is already =)
Regards from Germany =)

canuckquilter said...

I like, I like, I like! I can't believe how fast you plowed through this one.

---"Love" said...

Incredible! What more can I say? I love that quilt more every time I get a glimpse of it! Your 30's fabrics are cute. I'm sure you will enjoy the family challenge, and I'm betting on you! ---"Love"

Cathy said...

That quilt is absolutely stunning. I love the combination of reds and golds. Bee-you-tee-full!!

a good yarn said...

Clever kitties! All toasty and warm. That's a stunning quilt - so dramatic and you fingers must be worn down to the nub. The 1930s quilt *challenge* is a terrific idea and I hope we get to see all the *entries*. ann :-)

Beth said...

Your colors are so warm and rich on this quilt. I especially like the stars that form, looks even better all put together. Those borders will be on in a snap.
30's prints are so much fun. I hope we get to see all the projects.

Lynette said...

Wow!! Katie, what a fantastic quilt! Awesome UFO finish up going on there. :D

berylthepearl said...

Wow, your quilt is a beauty!! love the cats too