Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 ufo challenge - my list

Last year Judy L, via her blog, Patchwork Times, put out a challenge to finish up unfinished projects.  I joined and did quite well.  She's planning to do it again this year and so am I!

This year took a bit more digging to find projects that were buried deeper and I'm not sure how many I'll actually finish (last year I took it a bit easy), but my goal for this year is to at least work on the projects every month and finishing will be a bonus, because some of them require a LOT of work...probably why they're UFOs!

So the deal (for those of you who don't already know): dig out your UFOs, number them.  Each month Judy will randomly choose a number and the project with that number is the one to work on.  It's kinda like having random homework assignments and I know I do better with a goal in mind, so this is perfect for me!

Now don't you fret - the sister-in-law who is pregnant will still get a baby quilt though it's not on this list.  And the 30-year-old brother-in-law with his first serious girlfriend will also get a quilt if a situation arises that requires one.  But this will keep me quilting without starting anything new that I don't need in between those times.  At least one can hope.

Enough reading, right?  Time for the list...with photos (and after a camera battery change, I have them all!)...and excuses stories why they're still not done...

#1 Rose of Sharon quilt

I don't like hand quilting.  I think that says enough about why this has been around since about 1999.

#2 Charles Wysocki cat cross stitch

Counting for counted cross stitch is apparently not my strong point.  I got off by a few and this densely-stitched project got set aside.  I'm GOING to fix it one way or another.

#3 Felt Christmas stocking

I 'm not even sure why I started this.  Blanket stitching takes a while.  Lexie likes to help with the thread (in a not-so-good way), but I'll get this done.  Then what?

#4 Sheet inspiration

This is the flat sheet from my favorite set of childhood sheets.  I snagged it with the intention of using it for a quilt back.  (Cause the fitted sheet was worn through.)  That's as far as I got.  This year I want to finish that idea.

#5 "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"

So the pattern takes a special border fabric - check.  The rest of the quilt...um...no check...  (Darn those quilt show vendors!)

#6 When Children Dream

Boy was I ambitious when I started this.  I've got a few blocks done and I'm thinking they may become a wall-hanging and call it good.  We'll see...that's a lot of pieces!

#7 Toad in a Puddle - Asian Style

I love the Asian kitty fabric in there (center bottom - tan background) and planned to make a quilt for my guest room bed.  Then realized I didn't have enough of the white-on-off-white (with the Chinese characters) and looked high and low and couldn't find more.  I bought an alternate, started cutting, and decided I didn't like it.  Time to find an alternative I like or suck it up and use the other one.

#8 Lily Field rescue

This UFO is definitely my most recent one.  And it's technically not even mine...well, now it is (story here) and I really, really want to finish this in honor of the quilter who couldn't.  Let's hope everything I need is in there!

#9 Adorable Puppies

So I bought this kit, planning to have a baby quilt in reserve.  But we all know (well, you do now) that I'm not good without a deadline, so here it sits.  Maybe I'll make this pattern, maybe not.  But those fabrics are too cute to sit on a shelf.

#10 Giddy fabric and Twister ruler

Once again...no deadline = no finish.  I need to do more reserach about that Twister and decide if that turqouise matches well enough with the charm pack, but I hope to get at least a baby-size quilt out of this.

#11 Family names embroidery

I intended this to be a family reunion quilt for my cousin who hosted my mom's family reunion this year.  Other details of life got in the way and my mom made one too, but I would like to finish this.  Then maybe my cousin will get two quilts...

#12 Vintage Homestead panel

Can you say impulse buy?  I bought only the panel (pattern was free) and now what will I do?  Perhaps when Judy draws #12, I'll decide to gift this to someone who will use it!  Maybe I'll be ambitious enough to make it - it probably would look nice in my old farmhouse...I wonder how my mom's stash looks for these colors...?

Bonus #13 Impulse Buys

Ooohhh....pretty...  Bad Katie.  I bought these fabrics wanting to make something for myself and then, well, no deadline again.  So maybe this year the perfect pattern will smack me in the face or I'll find an extra day of the week the rest of you don't know about and make something.  Maybe.  But probably not all of them in one project...yikes!

So there you have it.  My list.  If you saw my list from last year, you'll see this list is much more ambitious.  But I did finish most of my goals (at the time of writing this, I'm still working on the Whig Rose applique project) and I'm up for it.  And if things don't get finished, that's okay - forward progress is the goal this year.  (And hey, if I don't finish a single one, I've got my 2013 UFO list pre-made!)

Are you interested in joining the fun?  You can join on Judy's blog - at the 2012 UFO Challenge page.  Dig out projects you want to finish, define what "finish" is for you, link up with a list and have fun!  I've had a ton of fun doing it this year and found some great new blogs this way.  I expect to find a few more this year, but be warned - you might come up with a new list of quilts you want to make, too, when viewing all the other projects people are working on...I did, but am trying VERY hard to not go look at those right now!

Happy quilting in 2012!


kwiltnkats said...

Enjoyed your post so much. Made me chuckle quite often. You have some lovely projects to work on in 2012. I'm sure Judy L or Bonnie H could come up with a pattern to use the purple fabrics. Sometimes we work best with deadlines! Why is that? Good Luck! Sandi

---"Love" said...

Girl, that's quite a list for 2012! No doubt you'll reach your goal with very little trouble! I'm going to pass on the project. I want to work on my Civil War blocks, and I've commited to make three more small give-away quilts, and a tie quilt for a friend whose husband died recently. I'm far behind in my house duties, so I won't have time to reach back into the past to finish things for quite a while. I must say it would be a good idea! ---"Love"

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love the quilts on your list. You can do them all - I have faith *grin* At least you will enjoy the process right?

Debbie said...

I like how you are ready for 2013 UFO busting! So many pretty quilts...hope you get some projects completed.

Dawnmarie's Life said...

Love the quilts you have listed - and I've got some "impulse buys" as well that I'm going to try to deal with this year. Good luck on your list! I know you can do it.

Marsha B said...

Your list is amazing, you have some pretty things to work on. Having a goal really helps get things moving. You are off to a good start!

Linda in Calif. said...

I noticed that a few of your quilts have the same reason that mine have for not being finished. You don't know what to do. That can really make a person stuck - can't it? Maybe when the time comes we can ask and get some help. It's amazing what solutions other people have. Good luck with your list. I'll be cheering you on!

Cathy said...

I just came over here to your list from your comment on mine. I LOVE the daisies fabric for the "Please Don't eat..." I've been eying her fabrics like that for years. I love some of the effects, depending on the way the fabric is cut. Sometimes it looks like the daisies are appliqued along a triangle seam line. And yes, for #10, the turquoise fabric works. I'm going to click on your follow button. I like your writing style, not to mention your fabric choices.

Vivian said...

Considering how well you did last year, I say this list is a piece of cake. I think the hard part is making the final decisions on some of the projects--sooo many possibilities.

That Rose of Sharon is a beau-ty! And having done a Twister, I can tell you you'll love it and it'll be an easy finish. And I noticed you had the Hallowe'en 1904 project on last year's list -- that's one of my "bonus" (not on the list) projects too. Let's hope we both get to that one!

Beth said...

Katie, great list for 2012. I am going to look at my list an d number itr for 2012 and jointhe challenge. I seem to need some deadlines too. Andlike you say, at least the UFOs will get some progress.
I love #1, you have to finish that one. :) I also think #9 and #20 are sooo cute. #13 fabric is pretty...you will find theproject for it I am sure. Merry Christmas and Happy 2012.