Saturday, November 5, 2011

another book stack!

I realized this morning that it's already the 5th of November. 
Time sure does fly now that I've got a job again!

A few more books gone since last month, but my progress has slowed again.

On the quilty front, #3 has been chosen as this month's UFO.  So I'll be doing a bit more hand applique before this becomes a top. 

It's further along than this photo (many of the birds are sewn down), but there's still a bunch to go.  I still love this, so maybe I'll really finish it?

The baby quilt I showed in my last post has been bound.  Seems I made the binding green, but that works too.  I still have to label it and once it's been given (soon!), I'll show off the final product. 

Quilting the baby quilt has given me the courage and motivation to get the two Christmas quilts done, so I hope to show sneak peaks of those soon.  I had to order thread to match, otherwise I might be quilting instead of blogging right now!

And the job is looking up - more up.  Earlier this week, a coworker resigned.  Though I feel bad for the scramble it has caused, it has opened up the possibility of me being full-time much sooner than I anticipated.

Have you seen the announcement that Bonnie Hunter is starting her newest mystery quilt?  I'm going to participate because every other one I've seen has been goergous, but now I'm trying to decide if I have enough to make it from my stash, if I should raid my mom's stash (she surely has enough!) or make it less scrappy and buy fabrics...hmmm...  My mom is going to make it too!  I'm excited to start a new project!

And this post is a bit short on photos...hmmm...

Luka LOVES crunchy cat food.  If you give him a handful on the floor, he gobbles it up like it's the best treats ever.  This chair is just outside the kitchen and where big bags of food get set down before being put away - when they come in with the other groceries.  He claims the food for his own, though this is actually barn kitty food and he gets the most expensive cat food in the world, thanks to bladder troubles.  He likes that food, too.

Happy quilting!


---"Love" said...

Well, it looks like life is good for you right now! I'll be watching that applique come together; I'm curious about it. Good luck with the job situation. Luka is a beautiful cat; I'm sure he deserved the BEST foods! ---"Love"

Lynette said...

Hehe Go Luka!

Liriopia said...

Those are birds? You could have fooled me, LOL! If you need any additional fabric for the mystery quilt, let me know. I have plenty to share. You have some very silly kitties!


a good yarn said...

I'd be happy to get one book read - well done on whacking that stack! Your birdie quilt is looking good too. Bonnie's mystery quilts are fabulous - have a bunch saved in my Wish List. Your kitty-kat sure knows how to stake his claim. ann :-)

FlourishingPalms said...

Thanks for linking to Bonnie's new mystery quilt. I think I'll pass this time. I attempted to keep up with her project last year, and doing so over the holidays is impossible. Her quilts are SO scrappy, and SO big which translates to time-consuming. I have yet to add the final border to last year's quilt! All the best with yours.

Merritt said...

Katie, Enjoyed your post. It's interesting to me you are appliquing birds. Our guild seems to have a thing for birds - many of the ladies have done: "Chubby Chicks", "Chicken Buffet", "Who's Whoo?"(owl quilt pattern coming out next Spring, featured in my blog), and "Fancy Feathered Friends"(also featured in my blog. Can't wait to see the end results of your birds! Love Mr.Luka. I have calico sisters, Bubbles and Kota. I'll have to share pics of them one day. Take care. Merritt

Beth said...

Sounds like you are busy between work, reading, and quilting. I started Bonnie's last mystery and did not finish it. Think I will work on the last one again instaed of creating another UFO.
Luka is so cute. That picture of him on the bag of food is just too cute. Looks like he is saying mine, all mine.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie - Love your birdies - even without the feet and beaks - cute colors! ;)) When I first read your post, I thought that I would pass on Bonnie's mystery quilt this time. But I have changed my mind. Can't wait to see the fabrics you and your mom chose - and compare notes as we go along. It should be FUN!! I LOVE new projects! By the way - Luka is a cutie! ^..^