Wednesday, September 28, 2011

another project!

Before you ask, yes the MSU quilt top is done.  :)
(I'll get a photo when I can get it all in.)

That means I can start something new, right?

Quilts for Kids is asking for quilts that would be appropriate for teenage boys.

And I was inspired by the quilt in this post.
(Before I knew about the quilts for boys.)


So I dug through my fabrics with a color scheme in mind.  And I drafted the block as a paper pieced project because I'd like those skinny pieces to all be the same size.

Yep, with my OLD QuiltPro, I can do these paper pieced blocks and they all come out the same size.  It may be old, but it still works well for my purposes.  (And I understand the software is still out there - newer versions, of course.)
(No they didn't pay me to say that!)

The celestial print you see peeking in there will be the back.

And I sewed a few just to get me going...

30 more blocks to go!

And green borders.

So what do you think...will a teenage boy like this?

(But I may have to raid my mom's stash for more grey...)

Happy quilting,


Liriopia said...

Yes, it is definitely a boy quilt. Isn't it lovely to stay home and have time to quilt!


Marsha B said...

That is really neat! I love the tiny stripe of grey in there. I'm sure a teenage boy will like it!

---"Love" said...

My GS would see a baseball diamond, complete with green grass! He would love it! Good choice! ---"Love"

Ruth said...

That will be perfect for a boy! The colors are great! My guild makes quilts for children's hospital in Dallas and they are always asking for quilts for teenage boys also. I have started some "boy" blocks.

canuckquilter said...

Very nice! That sliver of grey all around really adds punch. I think it's just right for a teenage boy.

a good yarn said...

It will be just finr Katie. It's such a striking design and terrific colour combo. ann :-)

Unknown said...

I think it looks great;) You are on a streak here;) Keep up the fun;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

Great pattern! Strong and striking colors. I think anyone would like to get that quilt.
Keep stitching