Sunday, March 27, 2011

auditions already!

Yesterday, after another round of groaning about sewing blocks together for the wedding quilt, I forced myself back into the sewing room.  I had started 5 rows that needed 6 blocks each, telling myself I'd add one block to each row every day.  I got on a roll and put the two final blocks on each row yesterday.

(A few kitty toys peeking out there!)

And I was on a roll, so why not start sewing rows together?  35 points/seams to match per row - whew!

I hung it over the longarm to try to get a good photo, since it now measures about 75x90.

All through sewing the blocks, it seemed really black (not a bad thing), but now that it's together, it looks so blue!

Now it's time for borders.  You'll remember my original inspiration here (the second photo).  They used red for the outer border, I plan to use black.  But I'm not sure what to use for the inner border, if anything. 

Originally, I had planned to use white, like the original, but I'm not sure if that's too stark considering the blue and black-ness of the quilt now.

I think I have enough blue to do a skinny border, but I'm not sure if it's too much blue.

And I'm not sure if just black gives it the right finish either.

(I don't have enough red and I'm NOT making a 4th trip to the store for fabric for this quilt!  And I don't think I'd like the red anyways.)

So what do you think?

I can't believe this is a top already.  It just flew together yesterday, even if I spent what felt like forever pinning each of the rows together.  You know I don't much like the long seams required for borders, but compared to sewing blocks together, I'm actually looking forward to the borders!

Happy quilting,

PS For giggles, I thought I'd show you how one of our barn kitties, Eli, drinks.  He's got his front feet in the middle of the bowl and his back feet on the edge.  Sometimes he just leans into it and paddles with one front paw like he's pulling the water closer to him instead.  It's a heated dog dish (so the water stays liquid all winter), but I doubt it's anything like a hot tub!  I have no idea why he drinks this way, but it makes me giggle every time.


Unknown said...

I really like how it is coming out;) The kitty there is funny;) I have no idea what goes through their heads when they do stuff like that;)
Happy Quilting!!

Beth said...

Katie, on the skinny border, either white or blue would work. The blue makes the bluein the quilt pop. I kind of like the white because it frames the pattern of the quilt blocks. I don't think you can go wrong either way. I love how it turned out. It is really striking.

Liriopia said...

Silly cat! Love the quilt. I don't think it matters whether you use blue or white or red. Actually, your blue is turquoise, LOL. I think it will look great whatever your choice. Flit doesn't think it will matter either.


canuckquilter said...

Love the kitty :) The quilt is impressive. I was going to say red, but then kept reading that that wasn't an option, so I'd say the blue. Just the black doesn't quite finish it, I think. Whatever you decide, it will be stunning.

---"Love" said...

You've heard the expression, "Crazy Cat", haven't you? I think maybe you have one! If the quilt were mine, I'd use the blue narrow border, but it's your quilt; you choose! Either way, it will be beautiful!---"Love"

Connie204 said...

The quilt is really beautiful, whatever you decide one. Love your kitty picutres. Connie204

Marsha B said...

Your quilt is so impressive, I love it! I like the blue, but do whatever you think is best! Kitties are so funny, I thought they were suppose to hate getting their feet wet!