Monday, November 22, 2010

one thing, one week challenge 5

It seems Amy (over at Amy's Creative Side) seems to know just when I need the extra boost to get things done...  She's posted her One Thing, One Week challenge again, so here I go!

My challenge for myself is to finish the 5 keychain wallets I plan to give as Christmas gifts.

I started working on them last night, before I knew the challenge was coming.

I made good progress...once you get past the halfway point on string piecing blocks, they seem to just magically be done!

The back is on the left - one big piece folded in half, then quilted a bit to hold it together.  The front has holes cut and also needs to be folded in half and have a piece of clear vinyl sewn in the window, but I squirted a little FrayChek on the corners because the first one I made ravelled just a little bit there.  I wanted that dry before sewing any more!

They'll each be "filled" with an appropriate gift card.  I know some will argue that it's a lazy way out from buying gifts, but one niece loves to read and I wouldn't have the first clue what to buy her for a book....what has she read? what does she like? what will her mom allow her to read?  Another LOVES to be able to rent movies with her own money, so a gift card to a local video store will be tons more fun than a single movie.  And they're all girls, so shopping is a hobby!  (I might offer to do the driving for that outing...)

Better get busy or I'll never get them finished!

Happy quilting,


Sandy said...

The keychain wallets are a great idea when combined with a gift card (or even cash). My plan is to make a few for gift giving as well. (Check back with me in a month to see how far I got with that!) They would be great for little gifts, too.


Liriopia said...

Great idea! Very cute!


Beth said...

Those are so cute. Lucky girls. Keep stitching.

Unknown said...

The keychain things are wonderful;) As for gift cards...I think they are great gifts. It's better than wasting money trying to guess what someone might want and then that item being discarded in secret later;)
Happy Quilting!!

Marsha B said...

Your keychain wallets and gift cards will be great! With kids spread out all over the place I always send a check so they get what they really want, it is always the right size, color, etc. and I don't spend more in postage than the gift is worth. Gift cards are fun to shop with, too. Makes sense to me!

Connie204 said...

I love the keychain wallet. I would love the pattern. This would be a great Xmas present for my 14 yr old granddaughter as she wants gift cards. She also actually uses what I make her. So this would be great. Thanks, Katie. Connie204