Monday, September 20, 2010

one thing, one week challenge 3

It's happening again... 
Amy's Creative Side has issued another challenge.

I'm in!

My goal for this week is a small one, but important:

Label the I Spy quilts.

Labels are made, but I'm having trouble getting them sewn on. 

I'm distracted with my new project.

Sneak peek!

That's all you get for now, as this will be a gift and I don't want to spoil anything.

And I promise that the next challenge will not involve the I Spy quilts.  Because there won't be anything more to do to them!

Happy quilting!


Unknown said...

I spy slug bug farbic!! How cool;) Maybe I should dip into that one-week-one-project challenge....goodness knows I need to focus on something!!
Happy Quilting!!

Christine said...

Oh I love the labels. I'm curious to see the rest of your next project :)

Marsha B said...

Your stitching looks cute and I think I remember something from a short time ago that may be what you are working on. Can't wait to see the finished project!

canuckquilter said...

At least you're labeling your quilts. I'll get around to that eventually I'm sure. Nice teaser, I'm guessing something Halloween-y?

---"Love" said...

Aw, come on and get those nice labels on! Then you can do whatever, even something new, with no guilt trip! ---"Love"

Beth said...

I am sure you will have no trouble meeting the challenge.
I think I know what you are working on. I can not wait to see it done. (You will post it after it is gifted??).
Happy stitching

Sandy said...

Your new work looks a little devilish! Those labels should be a piece of cake for you (what with your super powers).