Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UFO update

I've been busy!  Remember my ever-growing list of projects?  Here's the list with updates!

1. Hubby's new bed quilt (Christmas deadline)  no progress  :(

2. Makayla's I Spy quilt (November deadline)  needs binding hand-sewn down

3. Ethan's I Spy quilt (January or Christmas deadline)  11 more circles to applique

4. Alora's sports teams quilt (if I can find all those I want - Christmas deadline) can't find fabrics

5. Kim's hand print quilt (as soon as possible)  need hand tracings still...

6. Erik and Jennifer's quilt still needs binding hand-sewn down

7. Make Life Charm Squares quilt (needs borders - no deadline, it's for me!)  DONE (top)

8. Amanda's twin quilt #1 (babies due November)  needs binding hand-sewn down

9. Amanda's twin quilt #2  needs binding hand-sewn down

10. Julie's 3rd baby quilt (no clue when this one is due or if the rumor is true)  waiting on gender, due Feb 13th, pattern selected

11. Birdies on a Wire quilt (for me, no deadline, just want it done!)  no progress :(

12. extra June dolly quilt  needs binding hand-sewn down

13. July dolly quilt  needs binding hand-sewn down

14. APQ swap quilt (borders only)  DONE (top)

6 only need bindings and the weather has finally cooled down some, so I should be able to work on these now.  Which is probably good since I was going to try to make a quilted wallet for myself (I'll post the link when I do), but realized I need fusible fleece...

2 are done, 1 has been removed - down to 11!
And we can't have a post without a photo, so here are the dolly quilts:

Happy quilting,


Unknown said...

I don't know if I would be happy to keep track of my UFO's like you are, or if I would be depressed!! LOL;) I have to admit though, I gave three or four (maybe more) of my UFO's that I knew I would never do to the local charity group...is that cheating?/;)
Happy Quilting!!

Marsha B said...

Great progress and quite a few that just need a little more work. Well done! The dolly quilts are very cute.

I found a cute poem to label I Spy quilts.


I spy and so I see,
So many stories in front of me.
A quilt of wonders in every fold,
Every square is a tale to be told.

Everything and every face,
Has a story, and has a place.
So have a look, try to spy,
See what's there and tell me why!

I thought it was cute and wanted to share since you have a possible use for it.

Enjoy your cooler weather!

canuckquilter said...

Yay you! You've made progress. You're much more productive than I dream of being :)

a good yarn said...

Good gracious Katie you are a quilting dynamo! You should be really pleased with your progress on the list although it seems time to work on those projects as a treat for yourself. ann...

Liriopia said...

You go, girl!


Connie204 said...

Wow, you sure are busy. Wish I had all your energy. Connie204