Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sweat shop sewing

Ugh it's hot!

Sweating and sewing. 

Window A/C units just aren't cutting it. 

300% humidity is just too much.  I think I'm growing gills.

I left the tables up from this weekend, so I'm sewing downstairs.  Nearer the air conditioning.  Makes ironing bearable.

Twin baby quilt #1 almost done!

Auntie-to-be asked for pastels.  Momma-to-be likes them.  The original pattern would have me putting that darker blue around it as borders. 

Auditioning...what do you all think?

Is it too dark for a pastel-ey quilt?

I've definitely got extra of the light blue, but I worry that would blend too much with the blocks...  (I can hear you: another picture would have been nice...sorry!)

Tomorrow I'll start #2!

Happy quilting and stay cool,


Marsha B said...

I love the pastels, those will be beautiful quilts. I like the dark blue for the border. It brings out the other blues in the quilt.

Try to stay cool.

Unknown said...

I like the frames and grounds it. I think it's great;)
I know what you mean about the sweat shop...I've been turning off the AC as much as possible so I can afford to use the sewing machine!! LOL;)
Happy Quilting!!

lisa said...

thank goodness we don't have humidity here. IT has been hot though, and I keep being a fooland thinking walking here and there's a brilliant idea...ughhh=)

---"Love" said...

Are these the quilts for the twins? If so, why not put a dark border on one, and a light border on the other. That way each could have their own burps and boogers on theirs, and Mom could know which was which, in case one has a cold or whatever! *grin*
Actually I like the dark border, and it won't show soil from handling and chewing as much as the light border would. Just a thought!
They are going to be so cute! And much loved, I'm sure! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

I think the dark blue border is perfect -- it frames all the lighter blocks.


a good yarn said...

That's a shame about the humidity. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Your quilt is looking good. I guess the dark blue becomes a frame. Have you tried the yellow? Ann :-)

Liriopia said...

Very pretty! I like it just fine.


Beth said...

Love the colors and I agree that the dark blue really looks good. I don't think it takes away from the pastel look at all.

Christine said...

I agree with the darker blue. It really frames it up well. You can always do a pastel backing. Love the pattern!! :)