Sunday, August 8, 2010


I never realized how thorough an inspection things go through in my house until this week. 
Sewing in the living room has been an eye-opener...

(what, I'm not supposed to be here?)

(I said "give me a sweet face" and he did!)


(enough with the flashy-thing)

(oh PUH-LEEZ mom!)

A thorough furring of the I Spy quilt is clearly in progress. 
Thank you times a billion to the person who invented the lint roller! 
(I should buy stock in that company...)

Back to sewing borders on twin quilt #2. 
I may baste today!

Happy quilting,

PS Swap blocks went in the mail yesterday.  And, um, well, I may have forgotten to take a price tag off one of the items in each package, so, um, please ignore that...  :)


Marsha B said...

Your kitties are very good at checking out the quilt, very good at their jobs I see. You are making great progress with the baby quilts! They will be so cute. I promise not to notice any price tags on anything.

Christine said...

You have many cute inspectors!!! I didn't realize how many inspectors you had. Very sweet :) Christine

Unknown said...

Looks like my house...only I just have one that does the job;) I used to have a white and tan cat that would "bump" my husband and I as we were walking out the door to black pants! We had to keep a lint roller in the car so we could de-fur ourselves before showing up at the restaurant!
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

Now let's see --- who was that quilt for? ... Looks like at least five claims are being made on it! *grin* ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

This from my daughter: "Awwww! Cute kitties!" Now she's thinking my quilts need inspectors too.

Barb said...

You may have already done this but you really should if you haven't, enter your photo's in Pet show, you could win some nice prices for those sweet pictures.

Beth said...

You have a hard working familt there! They take the job of quilt testing very seriously. Good to know all your quilts are 100% before they leave your house. LOL

Sandy said...

You and your cats could do commercials -- recommended by 4 out of 5 cats, etc. Happy anniversary, too.


a good yarn said...

Your Quality Control team have conducted a thorough inspection and it would seem that the quilt is snuggly and warm. Price tag? What price tag...lah dee dah..dee dum...ann

Liriopia said...

Geez, do you trip everytime you turn around? But they are very cute!


Connie204 said...

I love cats. I only have one left and she's my 16 year old. Yours are so very cute and don't you love how they are attracted to quilts. Terrific pictures. Connie204