Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother's Day came early this year

Remember these patterns?

Well, yesterday I went to JoAnn's and came home with these (and a few other coordinating goodies):

When I returned to the car from the store, the hubby had stopped next door to get a pop and found a "gumball" machine selling sticky felt mustaches.  He'd bought one and was wearing it.  Totally out of character for him - had me giggling all the way home.

And because I have no patience, as soon as I got home I sat right down and made this:


You'll notice the green is missing.  The pattern called for 5 different fabrics.  I bought 4 and some pre-made bias tape (because I'm lazy) and then moved things around until I liked it.

Here's my machine modelling:

It has grippy stuff on the back and, long story short, I had a tough time getting it to stay there.  Then I had a brainstorm...

Embroiderly floss through some "buttonholes" to tack it on!  (Patting myself on the back.)  Sadly this won't work as well for non-button fabrics...

And since my mom was leaving at 3pm today for a week-long quilt retreat, I gave it to her already.  Figured she needed a good chance to show it off, right?

I went to visit before they left because my aunt (mom's sis) and three of my aunt's friends drove about 900 miles (maybe it's more?) to my parents' house to drive another 3 hours to the quilt retreat.  My aunt was hoping to see me and I figured they drove 3 days (when you're a quilter, it takes a little longer to get places because you have to stop at every quilt shop within 50 miles of the most direct route, right?!) to get here, I could drive an hour to see her.

I had to call home to have the hubby get the pattern number off the envelope because EVERY one of the gals from out of state wanted one!  What have I started?

Back home now and the hubby is napping, so I'm torn between a nap myself (rainy, dreary day here) or a movie to take advantage of the quiet time...

Happy quilting!

PS  I didn't realize until I put these pictures up how close the colors on the pattern match those I chose.  That was not intentional.  The button fabric started it all and I couldn't exactly pair it with red and purple!

PPS I've started another dolly quilt with a combination of Mary's shipment of fabrics and some of my own.  I hope to be able to show it soon!


Barb said...

Love your fabric and your gift to your mom, I am sure she loved it!!

Marsha B said...

That is very neat! I'm thinking put some strings on it and turn it into a clothespin apron when I hang clothes out on the line! Hmmmmmm..... I've got several other projects to finish before I start something new though. It is nice you got a chance to visit with your aunts and start a ruckus with the mat. They will have to send pictures to let you know what theirs look like! I love the fabrics you used, very appropriate for the sewing room!

canuckquilter said...

How fun! Now that you've made one, I'm guessig you need to make another for yourself? I'm sure your aunts appreciated you driving out , nice that you got to see them. -Joanne

a good yarn said...

What a useful thing and I love the fabrics you chose. Great patterns too and a neat trick using the *buttons*. Gosh, your family certainly put in the miles. I'm sure they''l have a ball at retreat. Ann :-)

Beth said...

It is fantastic. I can see why all the ladies wanted one of their own. Bet your Mom was excited. Hope they all enjoy the retreat.
Can't wait to see the new dolly quilt,

Stash Heaven said...

Great job, as usual! Wonderful, cheerful group of fabrics. Gee, guess they had to make an extra stop for the patterns. Wow! 900 miles for a quilt retreat...well, a family reunion too!
Not quite that bad as I have promised Theri I will come down this year for the Houston Quilt Festival. And she is not letting me forget it. Great idea for your Mom's sewing room. Mary

Unknown said...

Very, very cute;) I didn't realize it was so close to mother's day already....I should get something made for my mom too;)
Glad you are having so much fun!!
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

Cute fabrics, and really nice blog! You'll have to show us the results of the retreat sometime. ---"Love"