Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day two vacation update

I don't have nearly as much to show today...but to be fair, yesterday I had a day and a half worth of work.

I got up early got busy.  The hubby was at work and I knew I'd have to be quiet after lunch when he was sleeping, so I sewed like a woman posessed.  First, because the hubby wasn't home, I worked on getting his quilt together. 

Apparently I'm not so good at adding because I need more sashing strips.  And I don't have any more red fabric.  But I'm starting a list for the fabric store...I'll put off going until later and then maybe make the trip more worth the effort of getting there (it's about 30 minutes from here).  But the quilt is taking shape!  (Emma is making sure nothing gets away from me since I still had the windows open at this point...yeah, right...)

When I ran out of stuff, I worked on my pinwheels.  All 36 are done!!!

Then the hubby came home, so I sat down for some quiet time.  I ate lunch, but also figured out how I want to set my scrap quilt blue and green funky log cabins.  I decided that I'll need 16 total for a throw-sized quilt with wide sashings.  That means I need to make 7 more.  Not bad.

I have Quilt Pro 3 (that is about 10 years old and I'm amazed it's compatible with this computer - but it does basic layouts and gives sizes accordingly, which is what I needed/wanted), so I decided to see how my pinwheels would look in various ways.  I got that figured out too, as far as sashing widths, but need something for cornerstones.  I'll raid the stash first, but if nothing looks good, it will go on the list with the reds.

Then, while I was fooling with quilt layouts, I decided to see what I could come up with for some of the fabrics Mary sent.  I decided to make a couple of Double Irish Chains first.

And then I remembered my right brain told me I needed to make a wonky star quilt with red points, grey background and something lighter in the centers.  So I found a tutorial to make the same blocks I made for the Bushfire Quilt Project (I'd forgotten how...) and did some figuring there, too.  I think I'm gonna like this one, too!

Then FINALLY the mail came and in the box were these beautiful blocks from Christine:

I love getting my mail this week!  These balance out the ickiness of receiving bills.  Thanks Christine!!!

Quiet time continued and I decided to give this idea a go:

This pattern came from a flyer posted at work that had this clip art.  It's been swirling in my head for a while and I drew out a plan using this heart, but I wanted to see how difficult the applique would be.  This took about an hour and the heart is about 4.5 inches.  I like it, but still not sure about my pattern as a whole.  (I'm a little chicken...)

With that done and hours more quiet time to go, I worked on appliqueing flowers onto the turquoise quilt.  I'm almost done, so I'll likely show a pic very soon!

And now it's dinner time and the hubby will be rising from the dead soon (no, he's not really a vampire, just works wierd night-ish hours) so I can reclaim my sewing room - it shares a wall with the bedroom.

Do you think I have enough to keep me busy?  (See Mary, I don't need any help!)

Happy quilting,


lisa said...

I just mailed your block off today, and unfortinutly I had just a chance to shove two blocks into an envelope. I wanted to send you some goodies along but am so glad I managed to get the blocks out before the end of the week!! sometimes little "helpers"make life extra challanging!!! I did get your blocks and goodies today, you hit my heart in all the right places which more than made up for the hospital bills I got today!

Stash Heaven said...

Aw, come on, Katie. Didn't you like the pinwheel quilt? I totally understand the "quiet" time. Would you believe I had 3 kids under the age of six and my husband worked midnights. I think I sewed from 10PM to midnight... I like the applique! Mary

canuckquilter said...

You may not have as many pictures to show, but it sounds like today was just a busy as yesterday. Are you sure you won't need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Your hubby's quilt is looking great. I bet he won't be wearing a resigned, disgusted look when he holds this one up :) -Joanne

Christine said...

You're a quilting machine!! I love the progress on the manly quilt (and the tail in the photo-heehe). I'm so glad you like your blocks! :) I can't believe you're done with the pinwheels (the whirlygig ones right?) You've gotten so much done! :) Christine

---"Love" said...

Hmmm---looks like you are making hay while the sun shines. No! --- make that you are making quilts while the hubby's gone! *grin* That's a pretty red heart too! Have fun! ---"Love"

Marsha B said...

I really like the heart applique you are playing with, it is really nice! Can't wait to see how you use it. It would look great in the four corners of a quilt. Your husbands quilt is looking great, too. You got a lot done on your "vacation"!

Beth said...

The hubbie's man quilt is looking really good.
My DH works from 8pm until 4am, so he sleeps all day long. Lucky for me, my sewing room is down stairs. I can't use the kitchen though cause that is too closed to where he sleeps. I like your heart applique. Can't wait to see what else you do this week.

a good yarn said...

You are making my head spin! I'm so glad you are getting a lot of sewing done. The heart applique is lovely. Ann :-)