Friday, February 19, 2010

new projects!

I was trying to be good.  I really was, but then I realized I want to make a new quilt for the hubby for Christmas.  His is getting all worn and I found a pattern I like and JoAnn's had calicos and flannels on sale (wasn't sure what I'd find), so I went out shopping.

Uh oh.

I didn't find flannels - these are all calicos and not all what would be my first choice (funky fabrics abound right now and it's all I can do to not buy whole bolts!).

The green and grey/black on the bottom, two lower reds, gold and stripey gold/brown are for the Big Bad Plaid quilt I want to make for the hubby.  Shhhh...don't tell, it's a secret!

The upper black and upper red are for another project.  I saw something and loved it and had an idea and designed a project out of what I saw.  I hope to get that going soon, but I still have a decision to make about the third color.  White seems too stark, brown or green I'm afraid either won't contrast enough or will take away from the overall feel, so I have to keep thinking.

The lower white is for another project that my brain decided to spring on me.  That one I'm not as excited about, but I do like what I drew up the other night. 

I'm getting a little worried at all these ideas.  I love to quilt, but usually I'm not making stuff up on my own quite like this...I hope I can keep this up - I like it!

The upper off-white is to use with some charm squares I won this summer making this Wild Thing quilt.  I'll admit I don't have the pattern, so there might be a learning curve...I may have to break down and buy the pattern...

All this for just under $60!  If I went to a quilt shop, I know I'd get a little better fabric quality, but I can't justify it when I know the quilts will be used and worn out and I'll want to make more.  These may not last quite as long or wear quite as well, but I'll have an excuse to make something different AND be able to afford it!

Then there's the continuing saga of the car.  It's still not fixed right.  I was going to buy something else this week, but my dad convinced me to give him a week (with the help of my brother-mechanic) to get it back to good.  I'm a sucker and said yes.  He picked it up tonight, but first we went to see a "new" car.  I currently own an "amethyst" (dark purple) Neon.  (Have I mentioned how much I love my car?)  I drove by a non-dealer used car lot on the way home and peeked at what he had (I do this every day, as his inventory changes a lot) and saw a 2002 bright blue VW Bug.  I had looked at these to replace mine, but wasn't sure I wanted a foreign car.  I'm still thinking on it, but I really do like it. It's a little older than what I wanted, but it has so few miles on it, it's still a baby (wondering if the owners just gazed in awe at their beautiful car instead of driving it?!).  We'll see what the hubby says when it's back from being detailed on Monday.

Time to go give the kitties some snuggle time.  They've been home alone almost all of today and I could use some relaxing tv time myself.

Tomorrow I quilt!



---"Love" said...

Oooh---I love that green fabric! I think I may have some of the gold/tan stripe. I don't always buy all my fabrics from 'the quilt store' either; I buy whatever I love wherever I find it. I figure it is probably as good as our ancestors had to work with, and look how long those quilts have lasted. If it is to be a special quilt, or a gift for a family member or special friend, I do try to use the better (make that more expensive *frown*) fabrics.
Hope you get the car situation settled, one way or the other.
I agree with your last statement, Katie: "Tomorrow I quilt"! Have fun! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Big Bad Plaid is a terrific quilt and you have bought some really nice fabrics. I'm sure you could find similar patterns on the net - try Moda Bakeshop. Good luck with your car. Ann :-)

ann hermes said...

I love the Big Bad Plaid QUilt--perfect design for a guy.

Marsha B said...

Looks like you are going to be busy but there's nothing wrong with that! Have fun and hope your car gets better or you find one you can love as much as the old one. The bright blue bug sounds soooo cute. I have a Toyota and not matter what's in the news, it is the best car I've ever had. And my car is 80% made in the USA. We just bought a new Ford truck and it is only 55% made in the USA. So "foreign" cars are not always so foreign after all.

Hope it all works out!

canuckquilter said...

Big Bad Plaid will look great in those fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing the project you designed yourself. And your car - I drive an old Neon too, but mine is "deep cranberry pearl" (call it purple-ish). Good luck either fixing, or replacing with something fun. A VW bug sure would qualify! -Joanne

Beth said...

Great new fabrics! I was trying to be good too, but I work in a quilt shop,not good for the wallet. Hard to avoid temptation that way.
Good luck with your car, I hope you can get it back in shape.

Anonymous said...

I saw that sale at JoAnn's....had to say no this time....and that was really hard as I always like to stock up on sales like that;)
And yes, you can get better fabs at a quilt shop, but there is a place for those kinds of goodies. I made my husband's quilt out fabric I got from Walmart....he's free to drag it around and into anything he wants without fear of "ruining a prize quilt".
Have fun and keep creating!!
Happy Quilting!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s.....I just found your playlist....I LOVE IT!!! I was feeling like c++p till I listened to what you've got here. I love this sort of's one of the many "odd genres" I like to listen to while I quilt!!!
Thanks for making my day!!!!
Happy Quilting;)