Sunday, April 7, 2013

back in the sewing room...

...sewing something that isn't the challenge quilt!

I made this iron caddy as a thank you for the gal in my quilt group who always comes to our Saturday sewing days, always brings her iron to share, always stays till the very end and always goes home with a hot iron.

She's figured out a way to get it home safely, but I saw this and thought it would be a perfect gift.  Our next Saturday to sew is the 20th, so I got it done plenty early, but I was itching to sew something and this is not only sewing but a finish!

The pattern is called "Caddy Pad" and it's by Sisters' Common Thread.  Besides being pricey, the directions weren't very easy to follow and had far too many words and too few pictures and diagrams.  But I got it done with a minimum of naughty words (and a few of those were at myself for cutting the inside heat-resistant fabric wrong)...

When it unfolds, the theory is that you can use it as an ironing pad, but with just two layers of batting in there, I'm not sure what kind of surface I'd feel comfortable doing much ironing on with just this under it.

It feels good to have this off the list of things to do, even if it was a fun thing.  There are still plenty of less-than-fun things on the list, but I've gotten a few of those done as well this weekend.

And for a smile, this is what I saw when I looked out my big picture window just before heading out to feed my barn kitties:

Looks like I need to add getting the leaves that blew into my flower bed over the winter cleaned out, right?  But these three were sound asleep and just too cute not to share.  Of course, seconds later, they heard me moving around inside and got up.  Timing is everything!

Happy quilting,


Ruth said...

That looks handy. I have been doing some "easy" sewing this weekend too, besides hand stitching the binding on my CW quilt. It's good to do something different in between things.

Beth said...

Katie, I have seen that pattern and thought how great it would be for classes, or sewing anywhere away from home. Yours looks perfect.
It is always nice to be able to sew without a deadline closing in. Of couse a quick finish is always great.
Have a good week.

a good yarn said...

Some pattern instructions need a translator and a code breaker to understand. It's a great thing - very handy for quilt meetings. Your kitty kats look soooo comfortable in their leafy bed that it seems a shame to tidy it up!